Meet The Team

HOLLY BURMAN, NP - Owner, CEO, Injector & Senior Laser Practitioner

 Meet the incredible force behind the magic, Holly Burman, NP. As the proud owner and CEO of New You Aesthetic, Holly brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and a dash of humor to the world of aesthetics.

Education and Career:
Holly is a proud alumna of Emory University, where she laid the foundation for her remarkable journey in healthcare. With a solid background in gynecology, she dedicated 15 years to the field, making a positive impact on countless lives.

Passion for Aesthetics:
Seven years ago, Holly decided to follow her heart and dive into the world of aesthetics. It's not just a job for her; it's a passion that fuels her every day. Her commitment to helping people look and feel their best is evident in every treatment and smile she shares.

Power Duo:
Meet the dynamic duo - Holly and her equally amazing husband, Bill Sharpton. Bill is not just her life partner; he's also the co-owner of New You Aesthetic. Their partnership extends beyond business; they've been happily married for 13 years. 

Furry Companions:
Apart from transforming lives, Holly and Bill share their home with two adorable fur babies named Willow and Oakley. These little cuties bring joy and laughter to their lives.
Outdoor Enthusiast:
When Holly isn't making people feel fabulous, you'll likely find her outdoors. Whether it's cycling through scenic routes, hiking up breathtaking trails, or kayaking on tranquil waters, she thrives in the beauty of nature.

Music Tastes:
Holly's playlist is as diverse as her skills. She grooves to the rhythm of rap and sails through the smooth waves of yacht rock. An eclectic taste that mirrors the variety she brings to her work and life. 

Sense of Humor:
Holly is not just a skilled professional; she's also a riot! Her hilarious and outgoing personality creates an environment at New You Aesthetic that's not just about transformations but also about enjoying the journey.

Friendly and Approachable:
Approachable and friendly, Holly is not just your aesthetics expert; she's your confidante. Feel free to share your goals and concerns; she's here to make your aesthetic dreams a reality.

Join us in celebrating Holly Burman NP, the heart and soul of New You Aesthetic. Let the journey to a new you begin with a touch of expertise, a dash of passion, and a whole lot of laughter!


Holly Burman, NP



BETH HISER -  Clinic Office Manager & Customer Service Extraordinaire

 Let's shine a spotlight on the amazing Beth Hiser, the heartbeat of our spa and the friendly face you see as you walk through our doors.

Educational Background:
Beth is a proud graduate of Mississippi State University, where she earned her degree in Communication. Her knack for effective communication is just one of the many skills that make her an exceptional Medical Office Manager.

Family Woman:
Beth is not just a professional powerhouse; she's a loving wife to Dr. Roger Hiser for an incredible 29 years and a devoted mother to two beautiful children. Family is at the core of her heart, and it reflects in the warmth she brings to our spa.

Local Gem:
A resident of Acworth, GA, for 25 years, Beth is a true local gem. Her roots in the community run deep, making her a familiar and friendly face to many.

Furry Companions:
Meet Lizzy and Snoopy, Beth's adorable canine companions. These furry friends add an extra layer of joy to Beth's life.

Pool Enthusiast:
Beth finds tranquility by the poolside, a space where she can unwind and enjoy the serenity of the water. It's her go-to place for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Travel Aficionado:
When she's not managing the spa with finesse, Beth loves to indulge her passion for travel. Exploring new places and experiencing different cultures are part of what keeps her adventurous spirit alive.

Tennis Mom:
Beth is not just a spa maven; she's also a proud tennis mom. Catch her cheering on her daughter, Anne-Marie, as she showcases her tennis prowess at Alabama University. Roll Tide!

Music Lover:
Country music aficionado alert! Beth's playlist is filled with the twang of country tunes, and she confesses to having a bit of a crush on Morgan Wallen. Who can blame her?

First and Last Impressions:
As the first and last person you encounter at New You Aesthetic, Beth's warm and down-to-earth personality sets the tone for your entire experience. She's not just here to manage; she's here to make sure you feel right at home.

Beth Hiser, the embodiment of grace, warmth, and professionalism.

Next time you visit, be sure to say hello to the smiling face that makes our spa feel like family. 


Beth Hiser



 Let's take a moment to meet the fabulous MacKenzie Mills, the skilled RN injector who brings her expertise and warmth to our spa.

Georgia Peach:
Born and raised in the heart of Georgia, MacKenzie hails from Dallas, GA. She's a true local gem with roots firmly planted in the community.

Educational Journey:
MacKenzie's dedication to healthcare led her to Kennesaw State University, where she earned her BSN in 2021. Her journey took her through the fast-paced world of the Emergency Department and the heartwarming realm of Labor & Delivery, shaping her into the seasoned professional she is today.

High School Sweetheart:
Love is in the air! MacKenzie tied the knot with her high school sweetheart in a dreamy ceremony in Cabo this May. A love story that continues to blossom and inspire.

Fur Baby Fever:
Meet Soup, the adorable buff tabby kitten that recently joined the Mills-Campbell household. The perfect addition to their family, named with a delightful nod to their last name, Campbell.

Beach Lover:
MacKenzie's happy place is the beach, where the sand meets the sea. Whether it's the soothing waves, the warm sunshine, or the salty breeze, she finds serenity in the coastal beauty.

Braves Nation:
Living at The Battery, MacKenzie and her husband are proud Braves fans. The excitement of the game, the cheers of the crowd, and the camaraderie make every Braves game a memorable experience.

Shopaholic at Heart:
MacKenzie's list of favorite things includes the thrill of shopping. Whether it's exploring the latest fashion trends or discovering unique finds, she knows how to make a shopping spree an adventure.

Coffee Connoisseur:
A warm cup of coffee is MacKenzie's daily companion. The rich aroma and comforting taste provide the perfect start or pick-me-up during her busy days.

Music Enthusiast:
From the sweet melodies of Taylor Swift to a diverse array of tunes, MacKenzie has a musical heart. No matter the genre, music is her constant companion, adding rhythm to her life.

Wanderlust Explorer:
When not at home cuddling with Soup, MacKenzie and her husband embark on spontaneous trips, exploring new places and creating memories that last a lifetime.

MacKenzie, an injector with a heart as warm as her smile. The next time you visit New You Aesthetic, say hello to MacKenzie and let her expertise and positivity enhance your aesthetic journey! 

MacKenzie Mills


Ana Corbett -  Licensed Aesthetician, Laser Technician, Website Developer & Social Media Coordinator

 Let's turn the spotlight on the incredible Ana Corbett, the wizard behind the scenes who makes your skin glow and your spirits lift.

Passionate Professional:
Ana is a graduate of Health and Style, earning her esthetics license in 2020. Her journey into the world of skincare was fueled by a profound passion for all things skin-related. With a dedication to her craft, Ana is your go-to expert for achieving that radiant and healthy complexion.

Family First:
Ana's heart belongs to her beautiful family. Married to her best friend, Brian Corbett, for 11 wonderful years, they are proud parents to a lovely daughter. Their bond forms the foundation of Ana's joy and inspiration.

Fur Baby Rescuer:
Ana is not only passionate about skincare but also about our four-legged friends. Meet her fabulous furry family: Shannon, Prince Sullivan Valentino Corbett of Marietta, Ronnie, and Becki – all rescued and cherished members of the Corbett clan. Ana's love for animals extends beyond her home; she's an active participant in Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, saving and fostering the lives of countless fur babies.

Island Paradise Enthusiast:
Ana's happy place is the picturesque St. George Island, a haven she frequents several times a year. The sun, the sea, and the sand hold a special place in her heart, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Music Maven:
For Ana, life is a concert, and her favorite band is the rock sensation Tool. She's a music enthusiast who enjoys attending concerts and festivals, letting the beats and rhythms transport her to another world.

Thrills and Chills:
When it comes to entertainment, Ana has a soft spot for scary movies. Whether it's a spine-chilling thriller or a classic horror flick, she knows how to enjoy a good scare. And when it's time to celebrate, Ana is your go-to party planner, ensuring that every occasion is filled with laughter and joy

TikTok Queen:
If you're ever in need of a good laugh, head over to New Yous' TikTok account. She loves creating funny TikToks and getting the whole office involved. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine.

Ana, a skincare expert, where in a world where you can be anything, she chooses to be kind . Next time you visit New You Aesthetic, don't forget to say hello to the talented and lively Ana. Your skin will thank you, and your spirit will leave uplifted! 


Ana Corbett


 Hannah Pelts-DiMartino -  Licensed Aesthetician

 Hannah Pelts-DiMartino, your go-to aesthetician for all things skincare and self-care. Let's take a little glimpse into the world of Pelts-DiMartino:

 Education Journey:
Proud alumnus of Allatoona High School, She further honed her passion for aesthetics at the Health and Style Institute, earning her esthetician license. Transforming faces and boosting confidence is not just a job; it's her calling!

Home Sweet Home:
Born and raised in the charming city of Marietta, Georgia. She's got that southern charm mixed with a touch of city vibes – the perfect recipe!
Nature Lover:
When she's not perfecting the art of skincare, you'll find her soaking in the beauty of nature. Kennesaw Mountain is her happy place, and she loves nothing more than taking leisurely walks, breathing in the fresh air, and connecting with the great outdoors.

Musical Soul:
Music is her constant companion, and her taste knows no bounds. From soothing spa melodies to heart-pounding 2000s throwbacks, she can groove to anything. But let's talk about her forever crush, Zach Bryan! 🤣 His music is the soundtrack to Hannah' soul.

Embark on your skincare journey with Hannah. Whether you're a skincare guru or a newbie, She's here to make your skin glow and your spirits brighter!

Hannah Pelts-DiMartino


Bella Foust -  Licensed Aesthetician

Let's shine a spotlight on the wonderful Bella Foust, our talented aesthetician who brings a blend of expertise and passion to our spa.

Local Roots:
Bella is a proud alumna of North Paulding High, rooted in the community where she has lived her whole life. Her journey from local high school to a skilled aesthetician is a testament to her commitment to her craft.

Passionate Professional:
A graduate of the Health and Style Institute, Bella obtained her esthetics license, setting the stage for her journey into the world of skincare. Her passion for healing and enhancing natural beauty shines through in every treatment she offers.

Furry Companion:
Meet Nash, Bella's whole world and the apple of her eye. Nash, the Aussie Doodle, adds joy and warmth to Bella's life, making every day a little brighter.

Nap Enthusiast:
When she's not transforming lives through skincare, you might find Bella catching some Z's. Napping is her go-to pastime, and she embraces the art of relaxation with a true passion.

Eclectic Music Tastes:
Bella's playlist is as diverse as her skills. She listens to a bit of everything, except hard rock and most country. Tyler, the Creator, holds a special place in her heart as her favorite artist in the whole world. 

Home Sweet Home:
A self-proclaimed homebody, Bella finds comfort in the familiarity of home. Whether it's unwinding after a day of work or simply enjoying the coziness of her space, home is where the heart is.

Disney Enthusiast:
Bella proudly embraces her inner Disney adult, finding joy in the magic of Disney tales. And when she's not lost in the enchanting world of animated characters, she's delving into the real-world mysteries with a love for true crime.

Passion for Healing Acne:
Bella's personal journey with acne has fueled a deep passion for helping others overcome this challenge. She understands the emotional and physical toll acne can take and is committed to helping clients achieve radiant, healthy skin.

Bella Foust, an aesthetician with a heart full of passion and a commitment to making you feel your best. The next time you visit New You Aesthetic, say hello to Bella and let her expertise guide you on a journey to glowing skin!